Atomic Blasts

from the Man and Atom Society

A stack of printed covers for BLAST number 1

We find ourselves awash in anti–nuclear propaganda. Journalists and politicians, abdicating the public trust, make no effort at understanding either the facts or the questions at issue. Instead, they accept the claim of the anti–nuclear campaigners to occupy the moral high ground, and then repeat uncritically whatever else they have to say. The campaigners in turn do not trouble themselves over facts or even self–consistency — why should they, when they stand above criticism?

No surprise, then, that the prevailing opinions regarding atomic energy consist largely of

Counter–propaganda is a largely self–defeating enterprise : rebutting a claim, when the person making it does not care whether it is sense or gibberish, only lends it visibility and legitimacy. Furthermore, claims of this kind can be made and spread more rapidly than anyone concerned with reality can address them. Nor will efforts to educate people regarding the science and technology of nuclear energy suffice to address the problem.

Rather, we must concern ourselves with standing up for, and as far as possible spreading, an unashamedly pro–atomic viewpoint. When people are taken aback, then we have an opportunity to confront them with the facts which support our position.

These booklets are meant as an aid to such efforts. They can be handed out at events or from display tables, or slipped into book–exchange boxes, or distributed in any number of ways.

Inaugural Number (2023 December)

Atomic Power to the People!